Jeanette is a volunteer at SPNM who has adopted 4 children and fostered 17 more. Read her story

My name is Stephanie. I’m a 55-year-old woman that in the last 6 months has been diagnosed initially with stage 3b breast cancer but already has progressed to stage 4 breast cancer.  I’m sorry I never met you, and you never met me, but- that did not stop you from doing something really big for me!! 

You see cancer was not in my winter budget this season.  Cancer has eaten up everything extra from my income.  Unfortunately, that includes heating oil!  You really don’t even get to make a choice when you’re at the doctor’s office.  As bad as you might want heating oil- cancer always wins. 

I did write WLNE last Friday and someone donated 10 gallons of oil to me this past Saturday.  And I had heat for the first time this winter!  It was wonderful- but I knew it was going to run out at any second.  So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I was coming home from radiation when Roger called me and told me what SPNM had done.  I was shocked!  Blown away! Thankful and sooooo grateful!!!  I call people like you, Roger, the man that donated 10 gallons to me and even people who would if they could donate,”Earthbound Angels!”
I wish I could make you understand.  I told Roger even the stress/depression of worrying about heat is gone!  You have just placed a warm blanket around 49 Stadden Street’s shoulders. -From a Grateful Family



“I used to think so many things weren’t important. That so many things didn’t matter,” Gianelle said, “…but SPNM has taught me about the things that really do matter. That so many things that I thought weren’t important are the exact things that will help me to succeed.”

Very brave words spoken from a very brave young lady. This young lady is Gianelle Alba. Gianelle began at Louie’s Place at the age of 13. She had a bad attitude, a determination to make the staff quit, and was headed down the wrong path academically and socially. Though Gianelle seemed to resent every minute of homework and reading, she made the decision to continue to come back every day. Gianelle couldn’t help but see the achievements of other kids as they graduated from high school, went onto college, and became leaders and role models within Louie’s Place and the community.

“I wanted to hate the program. I wasn’t used to seeing so much positivity, and when I saw what other kids like me were doing, it made me want to find out how I could do the same thing,” Gianelle recalled.

As she improved and began to make life changes personally, socially and academically, Gianelle joined our Youth Leadership Development (YLD) program.  When she began to learn about character, the power of being a leader, financial literacy, how to apply for college and that the possibility of college wasn’t as far away as she may have thought, Gianelle decided to change her attitude, and start putting all of that energy into positive changes for her life. Now that Gianelle has completed our YLD program almost 4 years later, she is entering her junior year of high school with honors.  She is on the staff here at SPNM, has been diligently applying to colleges, and has received the Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship Award. This award will give her scholarship money for college, and will recognize her work within the community at Kohl’s Department store in Seekonk, MA.

Not only has Gianelle achieved personal success, but she is a role model for younger girls within our program, and will be the first person within her family to go to college.  This story shows just how capable our kids are of beating the odds and breaking the cycle of poverty for their families and themselves.  It is truly amazing when a child grows to realize just what she or he is capable of when provided with resources and support. – From Gianelle



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