Reaching for the Stars Campaign

fireworks colorAs part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration, we are inviting you to give a gift “over and above”. Our goal is $10,000.
Learn how you can participate.

Our Star Partners:
Whitney & Nancy Bancroft
Linda * Angelo Mendillo
Dave & Elizabeth Mcnab
Richard & Diana Geisler
Marguerite Thomas
Dick & Cynthia Pierce
Juanita Bedard
Joann Sullivan
Clay Sink
Marilyn Goodman
Harold Hitchen
Clare Sweeney
Mark & Nancy Tortolani
Helen Geary
Joanne Kissinger
Eric Widmer
Meera Viswanathan
Edgar & Dorothy Leduc
Richard & Veronica Berounsky
Barbara Staples
Dale Brown
Constance Wentzel
Wes & Joyce Smith
Amaya & Lucas Suarez-Findlay
Clara Motter
Jonathan & Rebekah Malone
Gary Penfield