Jeanette Laws – Ed Shuman Service Award Winner

Ms Jeanette Laws began volunteering a year and a half ago. In the time we have known her, she has touched our hearts in more ways than one. In the course of her life-time, she has been a foster mother to 17 children, not including the 4 children she adopted. When asked why she does it, she explained, “It is the mission that God has set upon me since birth.”

She grew up always believing that she was sent in this world to counsel those less fortunate. She started her mission as a nanny at 16. A few years later she worked for a Prison Ministry. As the years passed she started noticing inmates coming in younger and younger. She thought, “Maybe I can reach children prior to the point of prison.” She then started working with troubled youths at an alternative high school helping ages 16-21.

She realized to create the biggest impact would be to enter a child’s life at birth. So, Ms Jeanette decided to work for an organization called “hope for Children’, which assists with adoption for children born with dependencies, disabilities, abuse, neglect, or mental, physical or emotional distress.

It was at that point that she started adopting.fostering children/ She took on matters that an average person would stray from. “I am just a person trying to do the best I can. To be a missionary doesn’t mean traveling outside the country. My mission is right here at home.” She never asks for anything in return. We have been blessed to have a chance to meet such a selfless, caring person, that truly loves from her heart.



747 Broad Street, Providence, RI 02907-1601

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