Greetings from Louie’s Place

Greetings from Louie’s Place!
Summer camp is going great! The children are excited and looking forward for the remaining weeks. YLD has been working on the Louie’s Place newsletter with the President of the board Susan Lepore. YLD has big plans this year for the Carnival.

Our library and other collaborations are in full swing.

Our younger group the lady bugs and the Ninja turtles are awesome! You will be surprised at the topics they want to discuss! From confidence, personal space, to
homelessness -Yes!!!! Can you believe 5 year olds are interested in these topics? I am so amazed with this group.

I have also scheduled special speakers to come in and speak to the older groups (For Girls Only) FGO and (Boys to Men) B2M.

This Weeks COW goes to
Cabin 1 Emily Martinez
Cabin 2 Gislandy Perez
Cabin 3 Jose Ortiz
Cabin 4 Sophia Leite
JR Counselor Steven YLD Staff Jeffery Jones

What’s different this year
Big Community Project!!
We had some of cabin 3, 4 and YLD participate, with a project called cleanup conversation with Providence Mayor Elzora on July 8. This project is to clean up Broad Street alongside the Mayor take our streets back. This is a great opportunity for the community to recognize who we are.

Although I have many trips planned our funding is limited. I would like to do many outings because it is a hot summer. My goal is for the children to leave camp with an awesome experience and want you return. We are asking for donations so that our children can go skating, movies, bowling. They can visit museums, as well as go to restaurants as part of etiquette to practice what they have learned.

Community Conversations
Something almost magical happens during Community Conversations. This is why I have implemented “Community Conversation’s as a part of Louie’s Place, community service project. To enlighten children on what they can achieve, what they can change, and how they can help. My goal is to engage students at Louie’s Place by teaching them about public servants and community helpers such as police officers, teachers and public officials who work hard to benefit the public good. By taking time to introduce our students to topics that involve community, we not only acquaint them with resources to which they can turn should they need assistance, but also encourage them to act as helpful members of their own communities. I believe having influential members of the community come in to speak openly in a safe, civil environment to our children can accomplish our goal. For each conversation, the speakers will provide a short text that emphasizes the importance of service in our communities. The Speakers also will provide a set of age-appropriate discussion questions, along with tips for facilitating this kind of conversation. These materials are intended for children between fourth and seventh grade.

The mayor or Providence is coming August 12, 2015 from 1- 1:30 for our Community conversation Series

Jeanette Rolon